We Currently have kittens available, we have 2 beautiful Black smoke females and 2 stunning tabbies, a girl and a boy all of whom are ready to leave now - Please email us lourewz@hotmail.com for more details

Pale SmokeDark smokeDark Smoke

Dark smokeTabby boy

* As two of our girls carry Longhair we sometimes have these special babies available, for more details please contact us. *

Longhair and Shorthair British

A cat or kitten is a huge commitment, which should never be purchased on a whim/spur of the moment decision, BSH can live in excess of 15 years and in this time they require fresh food, water and clean litter every day, they should have yearly vet checks and booster vaccinations and require worm and flea treatment on a regular basis. Something they also require daily is love, attention, play and cuddle time!

We do not hold waiting lists, or home our kittens on a first come first serve basis, the homes we select for our kittens are chosen from getting to know the people who contact us, asking questions and getting to know the kind of home offered to our babies. I am more then willing to give help and advice to all enquiries, and if we do not have kittens we can direct you to very reputable breeders and good friends of ours who may have litters or litters due.

All our kittens leave home from 13 weeks (as recommended by the GCCF), kittens can be viewed from 6 weeks and if a kitten is chosen a non-refundable small deposit will be taken until collection is arranged and the balance paid in full.

We do not sell kittens on the active register all our babies are homed as much loved pets and we will ask all new owners to sign a contract which states the kitten(s) will not be bred from and we ask for a letter from your vet confirming the kitten(s) has been neutered/spayed before the kitten(s) is 6-9 months of age (unless prior agreement has been made to a show neuter home).

All our kittens go to their new homes vet checked, fully vaccinated, wormed, insured for 6 weeks, fully litter trained, well socialised and we put together a kitten pack with useful info to help your new kitten settle in and a kitten goodie bag full of their favourite foods and toys. Our kittens are GCCF registered and come with a full pedigree (family tree).

Please feel free to email us about details of our babies